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Revitalised Future

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Reconnecting with nature
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Revitalised Future
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Revitalised Future - How to air-condition cities and landscapes using the "Sofl" way., Book / Manual

The book about a "Soft method", Nature-inspired and Nature-derived solutions to our current eco-crisis.

From small, subtle, to significant and challenging changes, based on close cooperation with Nature.

The book offers a wealth of ideas and techniques, applicable at the city level as well as at the country level.

The goal is to bring people together, to enthuse the population to work together, to work with the Nature, for more and more positive changes.

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Revitalised Future - the book.

After years of talking and studying of the problems, it s maybe time to step forward in direction of solutions. This book offers methods and possible actions that could help us to do it properly.

Solutions described in the book are based on interaction with Nature, on bringing Nature back to our lives... Idea of "Soft method" is based on obseved fact, that wild Nature copes with extreme weather very well. So if we are able to bring Nature back to where we took her place, we could solve clima-crises localy and surely not only that. The whole idea is about connection, cooperation, help and solidarity, so if it could get aplied on biger scale it might suprise us with unpredictable potenital.

Part one is reserved for tiny explanation of natural clima-tricks observed in Nature, that might be easy to understand and apply. The second part of book is orientated on solutions, aplications and challenges that could inspire for further realisations and shall be used as kick-starter for actions in reality. List of changes and inspirations contains ideas that could be realised right today, but also ideas that will need years and proper preparations. So to say from tiny changes with evident short time effect, to huge transformations. From changes that dont affect existing city structure, to new architecture and highways reconstruction...

Book is intentionaly written in a human way, to offer the know-how to wide society of experts, but also ordinary citizens, completed with scetches, drawings and graphics... Described method is also designed as "soft" and widely acceptable.

Book includes a list of 12 changes aplicable in therms of one year in city. As an example on Prague, Czech republic.

However one book can not answer on all questions in complexicity. But it can definetly help to do our first steps in direction of reconecting with Nature. And that is the real need of today's society.

To accept and welcome Nature in our lives.

Please indicate the main themes of your project with 5 key words
From observation and learning, to solutions inspired by the Nature.
Savings, easing and consious investments.
Soft method and Natural ari-conditioning/upgrade of cities/countryside.
Conception of strategical transformation.
Growing to Revitalised Future.
Please give information about the key objectives of your project in terms of sustainability (including circularity) and how these have been met.
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Key objective of this project is "softening" of our living space.

Project sees Nature as our most powerfull cooplayer, in search for solution. More Nature less polution, more meaningful work for people, growing as a way for rebuilding the sence of life. Cooperation with the Nature is our most sustainable possibility for the future.

Book brings range of solutions that are all based on idea of sustainability, upcyclation, and circularity... From growing foods in the streets, on the roofs, squares, that will offer great chance also in personal and social life, to change of education system, that shall offer ways to reconnect with Nature on even greater level. Book also suggests a new interdisciplinar connection of experts, scientists and skilled farmers, but also indigenous people and mikro farmers, also with people who live in/for Nature. That is necessery for future growth of changes. Book offers so to say urgent solution on acute wounds and suggests a possible future way of "soft" attitude solutions.

Potential of application af the "soft method" in different sectors of our production, transportation and consuption is hopefully enormous. But cooperation with the Nature offers great potential of savings, optimalisation, sharing and growing. That all can be very inspiring and also motivating for all involved, and mostly for Nature.

Please give information about the key objectives of your project in terms of aesthetics and quality of experience beyond functionality and how these have been met.
Please highlight how the project can be exemplary in this context

What can be more beutyfull than streets full of plants, bushes and trees ?

Or highway that is hard to find from satelite because it s so heavy covered with greenery ?

Cooperation with Nature brings beutyful solutions and inspirations. When one walks in wild forest there is beuty everwhere. And so is this book, inspired by the beuty of Nature, dedicated to Nature and pleasing for more Nature in our cities, landscapes and at the en in us.

The book offers range of solutions and opens space for many new ideas, too. So there is great space also for originality and inventions on local level. Of course with the intention to bringing greenery to every possible edge of the city or countryside.

This book can surely inspire many citizens to local actions. But it could also inspire whole cities and goverments... to enable and encourage citizens to do even more of the possible "soft" change. Idealy it might inspire EU Comision, to release this book as manual for revitalised future cities...

Please give information about the key objectives of your project in terms of inclusion (equal opportunities, public participation, citizen engagement, co-design, universal design, accessibility, affordability, etc.) and how these have been met.
Please highlight how the project can be exemplary in this context

Projects described in book are based on inclusion and cooperation on more levels.

As on level of our human society, but also on level of global, natural earth society - of all species.

Inclusion and respect are our most powerfull tools now. Motivation of wide society enables masive and effective change from rock-hard to forest-soft. Realisation of smal "soft" aplications will inspire us for more and there I believe Nature has the power to unite and help us.

Many other project will be developed from the basis of this book. They will bring original solutions for local atypical problems, but also universal solutions aplicable world wide. Some of them are already in book. All this solutions are and will be based on wide cooperation of us all.

Economical side of such realisation is also very inspirative. On one side it offers savings, and even more savings, and on the other side it also offers possible ways for future development, science, design, etc. To not forget, streets full of food, have potential to feed the hungry and lead us to more generosity. So it becomes highly affordable for any city or state in the world.

Of course, there is a main aim of all the help recreating of harmony with Nature,.. to help Nature which needs to be included so much. ( this could be the exemplary aspekt, or attitude.. )

Please explain how these three dimensions have been combined in your project.
Please highlight how this approach can be exemplary

The "Soft method" is developed to increase suistainability of cities and countryside. to reduce negative impacts of our eco-crisis and to set a new "lighter" way of coexistence of humans with remmant Nature. Method is based on cooperation of citizens and also natural segments in city and also countryside and farms... Resulting to new aesthetics of our "hard" world changed in the "soft" one.

Logic of this project is natural as it only can be...

By colective and harmonical supporting of Nature and "softness", we will win solutions for our acute problems and also new aesthetic that will benefit us with beter clima, health, savings, and also other fruits.

Collective focus on prosperity of Nature will enreach us in many ways. And there is nothing to loose.

(my own experience is definetly about it, more i work for Nature, the better I feel.)

Please give information on the results/impacts achieved by your project in relation to the category you apply for

My project is all about reconnecting with Nature.

The motivation for writing this book, came from understanding that humans that live isolated from Nature lost their understanding of the natural processes and also lost the connection. I realised that ppl. try to help city clima, but mostly they do oposite and so they deepen the problem even more... So I decided to look back on all that I learned here in mountains, from mother Nature, and wrote a book, a manual for people to help them find a better way out of the eco problems of today.

I see great chance, for all of us, in reconnection with Nature.. If we can manage it, and bring Nature back to our lives, She will be able to help us and solve our problems. And I m pretty sure that the power of positive effects will lead to even better relation between humans and Nature, to even better protection of wild life and to way more sustainble lifestyle. But as by all inclusive projects, this will depend on society and shared will for revitalised future.

Just imagine a street changed to park or orchad with water path, full of vegetables, bushes, nuts and big trees...

And there is no doubt it will work, one can experience that in any local green area of the city.

Please explain how citizens and civil society were involved in the in the design and/or implementation of the project.
Please also explain the benefits that derived from their involvement.

Civil society was my strong inspiration.

The existence of clima-crises in cities, their overheating and that poluted air, that all literaly screamed for kind of help. But cities seem to not understand it.. they either do nothing and act like there were no problmes at all, or they act, but mostly not really well and mostly they do thins only worse. Like if our cities had no clue how to do things right.

As far I live in Nature and can not affect any city directly I decided to create a verbal project to show a possible solutions.

Also to not forget local citizens here, that live the most honest and pure live. That are strongly connected with Nature inspired and learned me a lot. Their knowledge and life attitude was stong inspiration, too.

So the project benefited a lot from involvement of the society, of comunication and also observation. But as far it is meant to bring benefit to us all, potential benefits are just in front of us.

Please explain what kind of global challenges the project addressed by providing local solutions

It s hard to predict global effect of local solutions, however the more inspiring and benefiting the local realisations are, the higher is their chance to spread globaly and truly reach global goals. This depends on users, on us, humans.

This project is based on idea of slow and continual growth in cooperation with Nature. It has focus on slow adaptation of changes from small to great, so it logicaly starts with small local realisations. Effect of those litle changes is programed to be quick and strong as possible. (Idea is to catch citizens, inspire and motivate them for bigger and even more effective transformations)...

Global spread of "soft method" could bring realy great benefits for us all.

But any and each local realisation will help, "Even tho we can not save all whales, it has always sence to save that one we can."

Please highlight the innovative character of the project as compared to mainstream practices in the field of the project.

Most of debates are now concentrated on CO2 and Methan..

But I learned that our problem is more about missing softness, missing soil life. (that is able to reduce polution, retent water and grow)

Hard and heavy materials do accumulate heat and then radiate it in space, they take space of living soil. In contrast the soft materials and idealy the living ones are not overheating, they dont accumulate heat and if we speak about vital greenery, we can literaly see how it benefits from it.

Overheating happends in cities, but also in cultural countryside. But the root of problem is the same..

Cities are fully built of hard and heavy materials and they keep adding more and more... life in soil is depressed...

Cultural land is dryied, because its soil is hardened by heavy machinery, fertilisers, chemicals,... life in soil is depressed, limitated and weak. such soil can hardly reduce polution, retain rainwater, has no need of water and so it looses it very quick..

But in Nature we can see how effective the ecosystem is. How pleasant and soft it is.

And so I based this project on cooperation with Nature, with life... we surely have a chance with powers of the Nature.


Please explain to the potential of transferring the projects’ results or learnings to other interested parties and contexts.
Please provide clear documentation, communication of methodology and principles in this context.

Book is intentionaly written in a "soft" way too. So the know-how offered on its' pages shall have high potencial of possible learning and understanding. It is crucial aspekt for reaching possible global effect. If the book is understood well, any of interested sides can start acting, but also planing and projecting the Revitalised future. Of course, in the starting phases, implementation would be maybe needed to have plans consulted with me personaly or with therefor orientated organisations to avoid missunderstandings.

Book offers inspirations for wide range of users, from ordinary citizens to goverments and leaders of the world, holders of the economy. And also calls for cooperation, interdisciplinar comunication and also inclusion of forgotten groups in society, like indigenous people and people with connection to Nature. However each of us can act in the way desctibed in the book, but if we join and act together, effect of our doing could get multipled. And so it would be ideal to adress whole society.


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